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Silicone Mold Care Instructions

Silicone Mold Care Instructions
  • Each mold comes in it's own resealable plastic bag. Molds need to be carefully removed from these bags so they do not rip. The plastic bags can also be reused for storing your mold and keeping it clean when not in use.
  • Do not touch the inside of the mold. It can be easily scratched by fingernails which can't be reversed and it's difficult to remove fingerprints. 
  • Any tape that's not super sticky can be used to clean lint and dust off your molds. Or you can wash with warm water and soap. DO NOT scrub your molds with sharp objects.
  • DO NOT use a torch to pop bubbles in resin. Prolonged periods using a torch can adhere the resin to the silicone causing it to tear when pieces are removed. Try to use a heat gun on low setting or you can spray rubbing alcohol on the resin to pop bubbles.
  • Some resins can react differently in silicone molds so make sure your resin is fully cured before removing the pieces or it could cause your mold to rip.
  • Taking good care of your molds can make them last a long time. Once the inside of molds start to turn white, the shine will start to disappear.
  • Please inspect your molds upon first use. I do not except returns on used molds.