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★Where do you sell your handmade items? 
★They are listed here on under "ACCESSORIES" which can be found in the left column of the home page!
My order has shipped but tracking isn't updating?
Unfortunately, once a package leaves my hands, I only have access to the same tracking number and information that you do. If you are concerned where your package is located, I suggest to contact your carrier facility.
Do you ship internationally?
★Currently only to Canada until COVID prevents the shipping times to not be so long. The price for international shipping constantly changes so in order to get the price, you'd need to add the items you want to your cart and follow the prompts until you get to shipping. Once we reopen international shipping to everywhere, it won't be to the UK due the VAT changes. 
What resin do you use?
★I have worked with resin since 2012 so I've used a few! I've used Easy Cast which is a great beginner resin but not for long term(It yellows quickly and has bad bubbles). I've used Pro Marine which is a great resin but the customer service isn't very good. My current resin is Art N Glow and it's my most favorite that I've ever used!
Do you seal your 3D printed pieces that you mold?
★As of March 1st, 2020, I will no longer be sealing prints unless otherwise requested! This means all current sealed prints on the website will stay there as sealed only. Prints made now won't be sealed unless asked. This change was made because sealing prints takes a minimum of 3 days for each print and the printer lines can be covered with resin! This will make it easier for me to get out new blanks faster! I hope everyone understands why I made this change! Payment for the mold(for the sealed blanks) will still be required upfront and the processing time(2-4 weeks) will stay the same. 
Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
★For refunds and exchanges, you must contact me within 24 hours AFTER receiving your package! This means once you receive your package, you have 24 hours to contact me to discuss any issues. Please read the policy page for more information.
Are your custom orders open?
At this time my custom orders are closed. Custom molds using existing blanks are available. Please fill out the contact form or message us on instagram @skmoldsandmore!