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Mold Grading Policy

Mold Grading

Here at SKMoldsandMore, we want to give you the best quality items possible. We do not like to waste any silicone material if we can. This means we have to have a grading scale for our molds so they are up to the standards of others.

The only reason a mold is labeled b-grade here is if:

  • There is a tear in the mold due to demolding the pieces.
  • There is lint or animal hair stuck in the silicone.
  • The cavity of the mold for some other reason won't produce a flawless piece.

This means all molds are A grade unless they have one of the 3 problems above.

Molds that are still usable and will be shipped could have:

  • Tiny scratches hard to be seen by the naked eye and a dome of resin will cover.
  • Silicone overhang. This happens sometimes when the piece being molded isn't firmly pushed down against the tape backing so silicone seeps underneath. Silicone overhang DOES NOT affect the mold cavity. 
  • Acrylic dust or film bits. These two can show up in molds that had the first cast. Most times, both can be removed by running some tape over them.
  • Uneven trimming. All excess silicone is trimmed off the top and bottom leaving a latter rim and could look weird. This doesn't affect the cavity to the mold is still a grade.

If any of the above bother you, please do not order. We do not offer refunds for molds with that apply to the 4 reasons above. When you order, we assume you've read and agreed to the above terms.