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3D printed mold pricing DRASTICALLY lowered!

Posted by Kayley Boyd on

As of today, March 8, 2020, I have decided to drastically lower the prices of 3D printed molds. Since my decision to no longer seal the prints, I felt as though the prices are way to high now and would be for future designs(especially since recently I haven't had time to design, only to buy files off of Etsy shops). 

I don't see this as depreciating the value of my work, I see it as a way for my potential customers to be able to afford my molds. There are so many more mold makers now then there was when I started(early 2019, there were maybe 3 of us making molds). In 2019, my sales were booming and it was great. The more shops that started making molds, made my sales diminish pretty badly ever since then. I am not blaming the other shops, I blame myself for not sticking to a consistent scheduled release for new items. I do work a full time job so it's been hard for me to balance the two! 

I've also removed a few designs that I have never sold one mold of. I will probably sell unsealed blank of the molds I removed. They will be listed under, "3D printing>3D prints." I hope to add more blanks here soon!

The acrylic blank mold prices have stayed the same because I feel their prices are already pretty affordable. They're also all shiny automatically from having acrylic as the blank. So I feel this is fair. ☺

I appreciate all of my customers I've had this far and I hope this price change is a good thing. Please leave any questions below!



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